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Founded in 1990, The Fathom Group is recognized as one of Canada’s premier search boutiques delivering mission-critical leadership for clients in a variety of industries: technology; online media; travel; telecommunications; and energy. We create shareholder value for the clients we serve across North America by recruiting high-impact candidates.

Our expertise and focus is on providing world-class service and finding star employees to help our client win the war for talent.  And we don’t just sift through a pile of resumes or wait for the right person to walk through our doors … we HEADHUNT! We actively source the best of the best, often before they even enter the job market.

We understand the business challenges our clients face at a strategic level and approach the industries we serve with an insider’s perspective.

The Fathom Group stands for quality results with a proven track record of exceptional delivery of service and results by implementing a performance-based business model that is built on a shared commitment to excellence. The long standing relationships we enjoy with many of North America’s most successful companies are testament to the success of this approach. 

We have the special ability to do a number of backdoor reference checks due to our vast network.  We get as many confidential opinions as possible so that our client doesn’t make a hiring mistake that may have a significant negative financial cost.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, The Fathom Group has a local presence with a global reach. Our size is one of the defining attributes that drives our success. This translates to higher client satisfaction through better client service, fewer hands-off restrictions and no internal competition for the best candidates. Combining an extensive network of today’s business leaders and a reputation earned at multinational search firms, our partners are able to deliver world class service with a focus on personal attention that only a boutique can deliver.