Why Fathom?

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Why Fathom?

We Deliver Value!

Our Experience

Led by a former Principal of the world’s largest high-tech search firm

15 years of experience in the high tech/online media and Telco arena with an extensive network of global business leaders Entrepreneurial drive and creativity

Record of achievement supported by strong references

Satisfaction Guaranteed – Quite simply, we measure our success based on yours! We engage in regular follow up and support to ensure 100% satisfaction

Our Drive

Focus is finding TOP TALENT – we don’t sort resumes – we go into the market and find passive candidates

No “hands-off” limitations, leading to stronger and larger candidate pools

No handoff! We don’t pass off the search work to junior staff

A performance based model built to deliver true partnership

Backdoor referencing – our network allows us to do our homework on a candidate’s history to avoid making bad hiring decisions

Reputation – we only work with employers-of-choice who are reputable and treat employees well

Our Specialization

Specialization – we do most of our work in the tech/online media/Telco sector . This allows us to know these areas intimately and what it takes to be a top performer

We work with a number of different consultants to review: culture assessment, retention, succession planning, career counseling, on-boarding for specific clients

High sense of urgency with one of the industry’s highest completion rate