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Candidates often wonder when working with recruiters – what happened to my resume once submitted? Did it go into an abyss? We receive a number of resumes each day and the first thing we do is enter your information into our database and place your name onto our hot list. The HOT LIST is the first place we go to search for suitable candidates when a new opportunity arises. We always confirm receipt of your resume but we might not call immediately if we do not have an open position that matches well with your submitted resume profile. We have a plethora of job openings that we are working on at any given point of time and we try our best to close the opportunities in a timely manner. This is our immediate goal and primary concern. When a role that might be a fit for your background is activated, we then make contact with you to get a more complete profile of you and your work background.

If you do not see a suitable position open on our website that matches your skill set, do not think that submitting your resume would be a waste of anyone’s time. Your resume is saved in our database and is readily accessible to all recruiters at The Fathom Group. You will be contacted when a position that is congruent with your profile enters our search pipeline.

Please do not hesitate to approach us via e-mail with your updated resume and salary expectations so that we can work together to achieve our goal: to find the best opportunity for you and the perfect candidate for our clients.


  • Use our time and yours most effectively
  • Provide fresh information as available so that our recruiters are able to provide maximum positive exposure of  your credentials to our clients.

What to expect when working with a recruiter (PDF) >>

Keep checking our website
It is our continuous endeavour to keep our website up-to-date with our newest career opportunities. Do not hesitate to submit your resume again, should you see a suitable position of interest to you.

Keep us informed of your status
Please let us know if you accept a new job, if your criteria for a new position changes or if your decision to make a move becomes more urgent. Keeping us posted on your career status helps all the parties: our candidate; our clients; our recruiters. It allows us to approach the right people for the right job. That is a paramount goal.

If one of our clients decides to extend an offer – some tips:

Be open and honest with us
Your time, our time, and that of our clients is valuable and we appreciate serious candidates. Please address all reference, urgency and compensation issues with us during the initial meeting. Our goal is to ensure a smooth process for you. Being honest and forthright will enable us to best meet your expectations.

Don’t contact the employer directly
Allow us to act as your advocate. We encourage you to send a thank-you card to the company after you have been interviewed. However, all other correspondence should go through us. It is always better to have a sounding board so we can help with the information flow properly.

Job offers
Most job offers are delivered and negotiated through us so we can ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

This is a critical part of our process. It is in your best interest to select positive references who can truly speak about your achievements and abilities and are able to take the necessary time to complete a thorough and detailed reference enquiry. Our clients usually request a reference from at least one past supervisor.

Not all jobs require testing as part of the evaluation process. To save you time, we only administer tests if our clients request them. Some of the HR departments have specific personality tests.

A counter-offer can be very flattering and may cause you to temporarily lose sight of your original reasons for leaving. You may second-guess your decision to move on and feel the pull of the familiar and comfortable environment.


  1. When the smoke clears following a counter-offer, the reasons you wanted to leave still might be there. You made the decision to leave because you felt another opportunity would better meet your career needs so keep this in mind.
  2. If you are worth more when leaving, why weren’t you worth more when you were staying? Where is the money for the counter-offer coming from? Is it an early raise? Companies usually have strict wage and salary guidelines which are not going to change just for you.
  3. Since you have made your employer aware that you are unhappy, your loyalty may be questioned in the future.
  4. When tough times come, your employer may begin the cutbacks with you.
  5. Accepting a counter-offer may make you lose respect by appearing unsure and indecisive.
  6. Statistics show that if you accept a counter-offer, the probability of voluntarily leaving within six months or being let go within one year is extremely high. By that time, this new opportunity will be a distant memory.
  7. Accepting a counter-offer is most likely an emotional decision rather than an intellectual one.
  8. In the final analysis, a counter-offer comes because of a resignation. Will you have to threaten to quit every time you want to advance within this company? Accepting a counter-offer, no matter how attractive it may appear, greatly decreases the chance of maximizing your long-term career potential.

80 to 90% of employees leave for reasons related NOT to money, but to the job, the manager, the culture, or the work environment.

-From The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave, by Leigh Branham, Amacom, NY, 2005. Based on research from the Saratoga Institute.