Our Approach

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Our Approach

We launch every search by conducting in-depth discussions with all key
stakeholders within your organization. We ask hard questions – and we tell hard truths.
We have candid discussions surrounding the desired qualifications needed in the new leader with a focus on identifying the results that the business must achieve in the selected candidate’s first two years.

We develop a detailed position profile that becomes the primary marketing document for your assignment. From here, we create a comprehensive sourcing strategy and reach out to our extensive network of business leaders in the markets that we want to target. We target the most successful companies in your market; companies with successful business models aligned with where you want to go and benchmark organizations where great candidates will be found. As a secondary tactic, we draw up a list of out-of-the-box sources and organizations where great leadership may be found to enrich your business domain.

By providing the latest innovation in finding top talent and creating exclusive business models and processes, our clients benefit from a faster, easier, and more reliable process which delivers exactly what they desire…exceptional talent.

Our Approach




Candidate Assessment

Candidates knowledge and experience are not the final selection criteria; they are the minimum qualifications for consideration. Our final selection focus is always based on the candidates’ “is” and “can do” elements of leadership. We seek great leaders by projecting the candidate’s future potential for accomplishment based on motives, vision, personal values and leadership attributes. After all, leadership is about where a company is going – its future – not its past.

The Fathom Group then applies a rigorous set of recruitment principles that guarantees our success.

  • We check the reputation of all candidates during the research phase.
  • We screen all candidates using behavioral interviews.
  • We thoroughly review all candidates with the search committee prior to interviews, including a comparison chart ranking of all candidates on the key hiring criteria.
  • We conduct 360 degree references on all final candidates and present you with complete reports.
  • We will finalize the hiring decision and negotiate offer.
  • We develop a 90 day transition plan for the successful candidate.