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LinkedIn® Profile – how to build a good profile

It is a best practice if you are looking for a new opportunity to make sure you optimize a
complete LinkedIn profile.

If a recruiter or client likes your resume, they typically check your LinkedIn profile for more information. Having a complete profile allows Job Seekers to increase their brand presence and make their profile more desirable to recruiters and possible clients who use this site.

Below is a checklist to complete your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Add a professional headline
  2. Share an update
  3. Add full employment history – results oriented
  4. Include your education
  5. Seek recommendations
  6. Add Twitter handle
  7. Include additional websites
  8. Customize URL address
  9. Add a summary
  10. Add your personal email address right on your Linkedin profile

Recruiters typically search Linkedin by using specific key words – so the more words that you want to be associated with the more opportunities will come your way