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I’ve worked with Lisa in more than one organization and she always ensures that she understands the value that she and her team needs to bring to the table, the details of what we need and when we need them.

she is a very good communicator, well organized and most importantly brings in real results. Ie candidates and new employees that add value to our company.

Mark Welch
Director Enterprise Sales


My experience utilizing the recruiting services of Lisa Cullingworth and Fathom Group has been extremely positive. I first met Lisa when she recruited me into a position at Allstream several years ago, and since have used her company to fill several positions within my team. Lisa’s extensive network enables her to attract highly skilled candidates, her ability to understand the required qualifications for success makes her prescreening extremely effective, and her work ethic is absolutely impressive.
I highly recommend the services of Fathom Group.

Peggy Shukster
Sales Director, Technology Service Providers


I had an exceptional experience working with Lisa. I was referred to her through an acquaintance and I really appreciated how thorough she was. She didn’t start working on my behalf until we went through a detailed phone interview, AND had an in-person meeting. From my experience, this was a HUGE differentiator. Her knowledge of the company where she placed me for a great sales position was remarkable, and the speed of the process was amazing! Definitely work with Lisa Cullingworth!!

David Brabrook
Account Executive


Lisa is a thorough professnal who does her homework and has a strong trusted network that assists her in getting the right talent to the right role. She has an excellent EQ that allows her to read people as they truly are, and I recommend using her talents whenever you are looking for the right person for the job.

Mik McCully
Sales Leader


I’ve worked with Lisa for several opportunities and she has consistently brought forward quality contacts – she does an excellent job prequalifying candidates prior to presenting them to us, and her assessments of candidates are balanced and are not candy-coated. She also is highly respectful of the recruiting process and communication channels we define for the process.

Jim LaRue
Director of Presales


Lisa is an excellent executive recruiter – she takes the time to understand your business, goals and strategy. Lisa’s keen hard work and diligence is evident through her excellent track record at SAS, she’s connected us with many high quality successful sales pros. I highly recommend Lisa. Thank you Lisa – I look forward to working with you in the future.

Linda Yee
Sales Leader

Ontario at EnerNOC

Lisa has been an absolute joy to wok with! From the very beginning, she was extremely attentive, professional and always on top of everything that was requested by myself or her client. She really took the time to ensure that my needs were met and that I was fully aware of everything to do with the opportunity and the expectations. I would absolutely recommend Lisa!!

Victoria Bradley
Business Development Manager

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